Ziqiang Qin

Website photos 006Doctoral Student of Petroleum Engineering
Room: 4092 Engineering Building
Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri
Email: zqin@uwyo.edu

China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China

Research Interests:
Multi-phase flow in porous media
Carbonate phase behavior study of reservoir fluids

Current Research Project:
Multi-phase flow in carbonate

Previous Researches:
1. Investigation on Relationships between Four Petrophyical Properties and Lithology and Optimization of Appraisal Well Planning in the Upper Karamay Formation
2. Pore Structure Research on Dzungaria Jurassic Badaowan Formation Low Permeability Reservoir
3. The formation mechanism for authigenic chlorite in sandstone and the influence of the reservoir

Intern in CNPC Xinjiang oil field Intern in CNOOC Tianjin oil field