Yun Xie

Website photos 012Doctoral Student of Petroleum Engineering

Room: 4092 Engineering Building

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri


Phone: 307-761-9271




B.S. Applied Chemistry-Wuhan University 2012

Master in Chemistry-Bowling Green State University 2015

Petroleum Engineering Ph. D. Candidate-University of Wyoming



Publictations, Patents and Awards:

  •  “Sensitization of p-GaP with Monocationic Dyes: The Effect of Dye Excited-State Lifetime on Hole Injection Efficiencies”, S. Ilic, E. S. Brown, Y. Xie, S. Maldonado*, and K. D. Glusac*. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2016, 120, 3145-3155.
  • “DiiodoBodipy-StyrylBodipy Dyads: Preparation and Study of the Intersystem Crossing and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer”, Z. Wang§, Y. Xie§, K Xu, J. Zhao*, and K. D. Glusac*. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2015, 119, 6791-6806.
  • “DiiodoBodipy-Rhodmaine Dyads: Preparation and Study of the Acid-activatable Competing Intersystem Crossing and Energy Transfer Processes”, K. Xu§, Y. Xie§, X. Cui, J Zhao*, K. D. Glusac*. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2015, 119, 4175−4187.
  • “Excited-state Hydroxide Ion Transfer from a Model Xanthenol Photobase”, Y. Xie, H. L. Luk, X. Yang, K. D. Glusac*. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2015, 119, 2498−2506.§ equal contribution, * corresponding author.
  • Katzner Award Fund, Bowling Green State University, Fall 2014
  • Silver Medal for Technical Creation Competition, Wuhan University 2010


Aug. 2015-Present University of Wyoming, WY

Research Assistant, Prof. Mohammad Piri

Fluid-Fluid and Rock-Fluid Interfacial Interactions

Low Salinity Waterflooding

Aug.2012-May.2015 Bowling Green State University, OH

Research Assistant, Prof. Ksenija Glusac

Design and Characterization of Potential Organic Photohydride Based on Acridine Derivatives

Design and Characterization of Organic Photobase

Design and Characterization of Photosensitizer Based on FRET Process

Aug.2011-Jun. 2012

Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Research Assistant, Prof. Zhi-Lan Liu

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aliphatic Poly(carbonate-ester)s


Research Assistant, Prof. Ai-Wen Lei

Magnesium Salts Mediated C-O Bond Disruption and C-C Bond Coupling


Kunming Yunxin Technology Co. Ltd, Kunming, China

Intern, Sewage Treatment Process Design Group

Sewage Treatment Process Design for Anning Sewage Treatment Plant

Jan.2009-Feb.2009 Kunming Dianyan Energy-saving Technology Co. Ltd, Kunning, China

Intern, Zhu-Tao Zhang’s group

Thermal Power Plant Flue Gas Desulfurization Device Design





(1) “Excited-State Hydroxide Release from Model Photobase”, Ohio Photochemical Society Meeting, Maumee Bay, OH, May, 2014.




(3) “Excited-State Hydroxide Release from Model Photobase”, Y. Xie, X. Yang, K. D. Glusac. Advisory Board Meeting-2014, Bowling Green, OH, Oct, 2014.

(2) “The Photodehydroxylation of 9-Phenylxanthen-9-Ol”, Y. Xie, X. Yang, K. D. Glusac. Inter

-American Photochemical Society 21st Conference, Sarasota, FL, Jan, 2014.

(1) “Towards Organic Photohydrides: Excited-State Hydride Transfer in Acridine-Based Derivatives”, X. Yang, J. Walpitha, D. Zhou, Y, Xie, K. D. Glusac. Advisory Board Meeting-2013, Bowling Green, OH, Oct, 2013.