1. Three-dimensional Random Pore-Scale Network Modeling of  Two- and Three-Phase Flow in Mixed-Wet Porous Media

  • Three-dimensional
  • Wettability alteration, trapping and contact angle hysteresis
  • Saturation tracking
  • New clustering algorithm (trapped clusters)
  • Multiple phase in each pore (pore with angular cross-section)
  • Double displacements

2. Direct Numerical Modeling of Pore-Level flow in High Resolution X-ray Images of Porous Media

  • Three-dimensional voxel images of porous media generated by x-ray microtomography
  • Parallel (C++/MPI) code
  • Moving particle semi-implicit (MPS)
  • Novel techniques on how to deal with boundaries
  • Dispersion
  • Flow in fractures

3. Thermodynamically-Consistent Threshold Capillary Pressures for Two- and Three-Phase Displacements

4. Effects of Saturation History (Trapping and Hysteresis) on Three-Phase Relative Permeability (Experimental Study)

5. Effects of Wettability on Three-Phase Relative Permeability (Experimental Study

6. Hysteresis in Tight Gas Reservoir

7. CO2 Sequestration and Leakage (Deep Saline Aquifers)

8. Self-consistent Dynamic Upscaling of Flow Properties in Porous Media

9. Phase Change in Porous Media: Solution Gas Drive

10. Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition in Porous Media: Experimentation and Modeling