Bingjun Zhang

EDUCATION researcher-photos-003
China University of Petroleum at Beijing (CUP) 2007 – 2011
Bachelor of Engineering (with honors), Engineering of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation
[3] Research Assistant, Piri Research Group, University of Wyoming 2016-Current
[2] Research Engineer, Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute(PETRI) of Sinopec Eastern China Branch 2011 –2016
 Design of gathering-processing system for the first Coalbed Methane (CBM) field of SINOPEC
• Reduced 25% investment by optimizing “bi-stage booster station” arrangement system
• Determined the position of gathering station and gas processing plant by modeling of gathering radius et al.
 Planning of the first shale gas gathering pipeline for Sinopec in Pengshui
• Designed the pipeline based on shale gas producing property and field topography
• Resolved the excessive water issues in the compressed natural gas (CNG) station by designing bi-stage water-gas separation system
 Study on oil gathering system efficiency enhancement techniques
• Tested the phase-transition point of oil-water emulsion, optimizing gathering, and processing system to overcome multi-phase flow issue
• Raised solutions that improved efficiency by 18.2%
[1] Research Undergraduate, Liang Research Lab, CUP 2010-2011
• First Prize in Research Project Assessment of PETRI (3/83) 2015
• Second Prize in Paper Seminar of PETRI 2014
• Excellent Employee of PETRI 2013
• Outstanding Volunteer at SINOPEC East China Branch 2012
• Outstanding Undergraduate of Beijing 2011
• Excellent Graduation Thesis at CUP 2011
• Excellent Volunteer for Beijing 2008 Olympics 2008
• China National Scholarship (top 1%) 2008
[3] T. Wan and B. Zhang, Protection methods on gathering pipeline in collapsed loess area (in Chinese), Reservoir Evaluation and Development, Accepted
[2] B. Zhang, Saturated Water Condensation Process and Corresponding Collecting Methods (in Chinese), the Second Oil & Gas Field Surface Engineering Conference, Yinchuan, China, June, 2015
[1] B. Zhang, K. Ren and L. Meng, Current situation and study on CBM transportation Methods in China (in Chinese), China Coalbed Methane, 2014, 11(2):37-40
[1] Nanoparticle behavior with solid/liquid interface
[2] Molecular dynamics and flow in porous media
[3] Petroleum processing and pipeline systems