William Welch

will best 

Postdoctoral Associate, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Room: 111

Engineering Building

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri


Dep. 3295

1000 E.  University Avenue

Laramie, WY 82071


Phone: (608) 575-9455



PH.D. Chemistry, University of Wyoming.

B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Wyoming


Research Interests and Area of Specialization:

  1. Computations, molecular modeling
  2. Atomistic and course grained molecular dynamics
  3. Phase behavior of fluids in nanopores


Current Research Project:

Liquid to vapor transitions of petroleum mixtures in nanopores, effects of pore composition wettability


Previous Research:

1-      Quantum mechanical simulations of vibrations spectra of small proteins

2-      Prediction of β-sheets structural by simulation of vibrational spectra

3-      Solvent effects on peptide vibrational spectra

4-      Aggregation of asphaltenes.

5-      Electronic structure of iridathiabenzenes (2006)



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